Founded in 1999

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About eighteen years ago the Kuranda 8 Ball Association was started by Ken Alderdice and Mark Freeman. It had three aims.

1. We live in a multi-cultural and multi racial village. Everybody was going to be welcome in the association. Predudice would not happen. Well we were wrong! In the past ten years, we have had two instances of prejudice and both members were expelled by 100% vote immediately.

2. Everybody is equal. Nobody is ever turned away from our games—even if they have never played the sport before. We have had players who were ecstatic because they had sunk two balls in a game after three months of playing in our competition. We play serious; but understanding.

3. We are part of our community. Many other associations need our help. They may need drinkers in the bar, or a donation to the local community paper, or a help with Legacy badge sales. Lots of things. Also, when we play in outside tournaments, we are aware that we represent our village. We try to play hard, but always fair. We are the example by which others may judge our village.

A couple of years later, we decided that we would add another aim. That is that our players can aspire to the highest level at which they can compete. And we will support them financially, and in every other way possible. In the past ten years we have had 2 players represent Queensland Internationally, Six players represent us at State Trials and other achievements. We have done alright. We are not proud—but we are pleased with the success of our players.

From the left, Mark Freeman, Chris Jones, Ken Alderdice, Croc Pete, Bill Anderson, Barti Simon

From the left, Mark Freeman, Chris Jones, Ken Alderdice, Croc Pete, Bill Anderson, Barti Simon

Kuranda 8 Ball Committee Contacts

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Name: Janet Hoye


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Name: Janet Hoye




Name: Zananda Foord



Rob Shandley

Nathan Trapnell


Kuranda, Village in the Rainforest

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It may seem a little abnormal to call a township of some 5000 residents a village. But it is a village and is known worldwide as the “Village in the Rainforest”. The central residential area of Kuranda only has about 200 residents but is surrounded by many square kilometres of rural residential properties. The area is heavily rain-forested and has what can only be described as an enviable climate. The weather is agreeable with about one frost every decade and rarely five days a year over 35 degrees. The humidity is much lower than the coast. Essentially the summer is cooler than all major capitals and the winter is warmer. Kuranda reputedly has the third cleanest air in the world.
It is situated at an altitude of over 350 meters due west of Cairns - about half an hour drive away. At the foot of the Kuranda range (about 15 minutes) is the residential and commercial area of Smithfield and the Northern Beaches. This ensures that all services and “big city” facilities are available but it also means that residents of Kuranda are separated into a privileged enclave of small town lifestyle.
Kuranda has several world-renowned attractions. They include the Kuranda Scenic Railway; the multi tourism award winner - Skyrail; the Kuranda Markets; the Kuranda Amphitheatre and the Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary, The Aviary, Birdworld and Rainforestation. Every year over a million visitors come to Kuranda with the best estimates at about 1,400,000 tourists

Kuranda 8 Ball Committee

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As with most small associations, we are always happy to have all members attend our meetings. We don’t really have Executive meetings, they are all General Meetings.  All members have an equal right and an equal vote; and more importantly, an equal say.
If you are interested in attending a meeting, or playing in our competition; please contact any of the following -


Janet Hoye Phone - (07) 40937104(07) 40937104

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To contact us:
Kuranda 8 Ball Assoc. Inc.
P O Box 876
KURANDA   QLD   4881

Ph Janet 0740937104



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Kuranda 8 Ball Assoc. Inc.
PO Box 876
KURANDA   QLD   4881

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